【Hawaii Travel】Luau @ Polynesian Cultural Centre .::Elegant luau with no alcohol & no bikini::.


This trip was actually not my first visit to Hawaii – My parents had taken Ju and I on a family holiday….maybe 20 years ago? To be honest, I didn’t remember a thing. Not until we were ushered to our first-come-first-serve seats at the long table for our Luau dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Centre, with a fresh flower lei around my neck, I had the deja vu moment: “I had been here before”. Just like my dad said I would.

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【Hawaii Travel】Morning snorkel at Hanauma Bay .::Was it worth it?::.


If you know me, you will know that I am not a morning person. I live in Sydney CBD, I set my alarm for 8:20am and snooze to 8:22am (yes, every minute counts) every morning before my 9am start at the office.

That’s why in the wee hours on the day we were scheduled to visit Hanauma Bay, I thought to myself as I desperately fought the urge to hit that snooze button: This, better, be, worth it!

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【Hawaii Travel Blog】Nature’s Cottage .::a very unique Big Island Airbnb experience::.


Airbnb and Booking.com are my two favourite travel accommodation booking sites.

I usually start my accommodation search on Booking.com because of its “book now, pay later” and “free cancellation” policies. The beauty with these policies is that you are usually allowed to cancel within a week of your travel time, sometimes even a day before, for free! I love it because it allows me to lock in my top choices as early as I start planning my holidays (and all my friends know I often plan my holidays 6 months in advance) without the fear of losing the accommodation that I like and still have the flexibility to change my plans as I go through my holiday research and planning.

On the other hand, Airbnb has a different calibre of accommodation offered by Booking.com. Airbnb listings often have a good mix of budget accommodation and designer houses style homes; whereas Booking.com listings are more hotel/hostel oriented. What I like about Airbnb is the idea of “living like a local” because you get to have a taste of what the city is like at locals’ spare room or vacant house.

That’s how I found Nature’s Cottage on Airbnb. A unique self-contained wood cabin in the nature with outdoor shower in the rainforest of Big Island.

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【Hawaii Travel Blog】Mauna Kea, Big Island .::Sunset above the sea of clouds::.

DSC04576 copy

Mauna Kea is a very special mountain. It is a dormant volcano that stands 4,205m above sea level and it is the only place on earth where you can drive from sea level to 4,205m in about 2 hours. Interestingly, Mauna Kea measures over 10,000m from its base on the ocean floor – that is greater than the elevation of Mount Everest!

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【Hawaii Travel Blog】South Point Hawaii .::The southernmost point of the United States of America::.


South Point is the southernmost point of the United States of America. For the daredevils, South Point is also known for its epic  cliff jump. I almost decided to give this place a miss because I thought “why bother if I don’t do the cliff jump” – Boy, was I wrong.

The breathtaking view of South Point turned out to be my top-3 favourite of our entire Hawaii trip.

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【Hawaii Travel Blog】Kona Hawaii (Big Island).::You, me; sunset and palm tree::.


If you haven’t been to Big Island, you haven’t been to the real “Hawaii”. In fact, the State of Hawaii is named after the Big Island, aka “Hawai’i”, which is the State’s biggest island.

Wait, there are different islands in Hawaii? Yes! I only learned that Hawaii is so much more than Waikiki and Honolulu (which, by the way, are on the island of Oahu) as I started planning our trip. The most difficult part was deciding which islands to visit for our 10-day holiday…Each island has its own charm and so much to see – and holidays are always too short.

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【Sydney Food】Big Stone .::Japanese tapas::.


The Big Stone is a small and cozy neighbourhood gem that offers an interesting fusion of Japanese cuisine + Spanish tapas. I was skeptical at first, but soon pleasantly surprised by how the seemingly unrelated concepts worked perfectly well together.


Visited: 12 December 2015

Where: North Sydney

Food: 8/10 || Ambiance: 7/10 || Service: 9/10 || Value: Not cheap, but great food

Will I come back: Yes.

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【Sydney Food】Sokyo breakfast buffet


I have never had a better breakfast buffet in Sydney than Sokyo’s. For $38, you get a continental buffet, an a la carte dish and tea/coffe. Yes, Sokyo’s breakfast buffet is worth every cent of your money.



Visited: 1 November 2015

Where: The Star (Pyrmont)

What I liked: The buffet.

Food: 8/10 || Ambiance: 8/10 || Service: 8/10 || Value: Good

Will I come back: Yes.

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【Sydney Food】The Potting Shed (Alexandria)


If you are looking for a cozy and fun place to relax and chitchat with friends with a sip or two of fruity cocktail and comfort food while you soak up the warm aussie sunshine, I have the answer for you – The Potting Shed.

Better yet, they take reservations!



Visited: 31 October 2015

Where: Alexandria

What I liked: The atmosphere. They take bookings.
Food: 7/10 || Ambiance: 10/10 || Service: 8/10 || Value: Reasonable

Will I come back: Yes.

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【Travel】Bridestowe Lavender Farm .::Strolling in a field of purple::.


E: “Can we go to Tasmania in December?”

M: “Tasmania again?  Why?”

E: “I want to see the lavenders…”

M: “OK.”

That’s how our conversation went right before I booked our third trip to Tasmania. Luckily, the moody Tasmanian weather brightened up just as we got to the Bridestowe Lavender Farm and blessed us with a whole afternoon of clear blue sky.

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